An Interesting Look at Arrival Statistics

There are many ways to look at Visitor Arrival Statistics.  You have to consider the number of actual Tourists versus Visiting Friends & Relatives versus Business Travelers.  Length of stay, average daily spend, and many more aspects also need to be examined. Lets take a look at Visitor Arrivals from a different perspective – Visitors Read more about An Interesting Look at Arrival Statistics[…]

What to do when your Destination’s image is tarnished

Costa Rica is feeling a bit of backlash from being removed from the Ethical Travel List. Long considered an eco-friendly destination, certain factors went in to having Costa Rica removed from this list. Like any ‘Top List’, criteria and judgement can be subjective. As a Resort, Property or Activity, you are certainly affected by your Read more about What to do when your Destination’s image is tarnished[…]

OTAs and Rate Parity

Sure, OTAs want the best possible rate from hotels. They are always seeking ‘exclusive’ offers for their websites. Yet, when one OTA finds another with lower rates, they scream about rate parity. The concept of “Guaranteed Best Rate” is a fallacy when everyone has the same rate. CLICK HERE to read about a recent court Read more about OTAs and Rate Parity[…]