October 30, 2013

About Us

It all begins with passion.That, and a scuba dive trip to Fiji.

On a particularly cold Colorado day in 1998, a friend invited me on a very last-minute trip to Fiji.  The appeal of escaping both the weather and a hecti
c business travel schedule was simply too much to pass, and within 24 hours my management consultant job was put on hold, bags were packed, tickets were in hand, and Fiji was on the horizon.  To describe this trip as life-altering would only be scratching the surface.  Returning home, I had a new sense of purpose, and very soon, also had a new career in the Travel Industry. Travel was no longer a hobby nor an escape. It was now my passion.

For several years I worked with a small, very successful South Pacific wholesaler. In January 2003, I founded Creative Resort Marketing, a small travel marketing firm dedicated to providing creative, innovative, and effective solutions to resorts and travel companies.

Having traveled extensively throughout the world, I truly have a sincere passion, and a deep appreciation of the need for travel.  My travels have helped fill my life with wonderful stories, exciting adventures, and lifelong friends around the globe.  Working in the travel industry, I have established many strong and long-lasting relationships, and have

extensive experience interacting with international airlines, operators, specialty wholesalers, online travel agencies, tourism offices, travel agents, media, and travel products and services throughout the world.  The combination of work and life experiences allow me to relate to both the travel product owner and as well as the guest.

It is my understanding of the complex North American travel market, combined with my deep appreciation for the individuality of boutique travel products, that has helped make Creative Resort Marketing a success.  It is through dedication, creativity, innovation, and yes, passion, that I successfully and aggressively promote my Clients.  I am truly dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and utilizing effective marketing solutions.  I have extensive experience in advising companies on their web-based promotions and have assisted in writing and designing many successful travel websites.


Beyond internet marketing, I believe in the pre-eminent importance of strong, personal relationships. This includes relationships with wholesale and retail travel partners, destination specialists, travel industry professionals, online travel agencies, tourism boards, airlines, marketing firms, and more.  Most importantly, it also includes developing and building relationships with our most important component: the traveler.

What helps make Creative Resort Marketing unique is our dedication to reaching out direct to the consumer.  Through the use of powerful websites, extensive internet marketing, and most importantly, personal contact via telephone and email, Creative Resort Marketing embraces the direct-to-consumer marketing that has effectively improved our clients’ direct sales without alienating the support of wholesale and retail travel partners, resulting in dramatically higher profit margins.

Creative Resort Marketing was designed to look beyond the company/client relationship and encourage a team/partner connection, where we are the North American extension of your company.  No two travel products are alike, and as such, no two marketing programs should be alike.  Services and products are customized to meet individual marketing needs.

The motto for Creative Resort Marketing is simple:  We are only successful when our clients are successful.

Along with assisting clients with internet, print, and wholesaler-based marketing, I also take an active role in representing clients at trade shows, making sales calls to wholesalers and specialty travel agents, designing and producing creative sales and marketing presentations, and engaging wholesalers, travel agents, and OTAs in successful marketing campaigns.  I have exhibited and lectured at many travel shows throughout North America, as well as conferences and shows around the globe.  As an avid traveler and fan of the outdoors myself, I speak the ‘language of travel’ to many diverse travel segments, including niche markets like luxury, honeymoon, wedding, spa, romance, scuba diving, surfing, fishing, and sun and sand.

Find out for yourself how Creative Resort Marketing can help you successfully, efficiently, and effectively promote your unique travel product. Please do not hesitate to Contact Us for more information, and to learn how you can use OUR EXPERIENCE to market YOUR EXPERIENCE.


Put my passion to work for you!

Paul Rec

Paul Rec