Brisbane, Melbourne & Crazy Football

OK. OK. I’ll admit it. I LOVE Australia. Beautiful country. Fun-loving people. And maybe the craziest ‘football’ in the world.

My first stop was Brisbane, where I enjoyed summer-like weather and some great appointments and meetings. Brisbane is a very walkable city, and I really enjoyed going out for evening strolls and early morning walks.

When my friend in Melbourne heard I was visiting Australia, he immediately invited me down to watch the Aussie Rules Football Grand Finals. With no expectations at all, I enthusiastically agreed. It was great to see him and his family, and is always wonderful visiting Melbourne. However, seeing Melbourne during Grand Finals week was crazy. We went to the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Grounds) where the Grand Finals parade ended on Friday afternoon. It seemed as if all of Melbourne was there. In fact, Friday was a holiday. A holiday for the Grand Finals! Can you imagine having the Friday off before the Super Bowl for a holiday?

Along with some new friends, we watched the great Grand Finals game, with Richmond pulling off a very surprisingly lop-sided victory. Before the game, I had watched many YouTube clips to learn the rules. After watching the game with some serious fanatics, I am now hooked. What a fun event! Next time in Australia, I will have to catch a game live in the stadium.