What to do when your Destination’s image is tarnished

Costa Rica is feeling a bit of backlash from being removed from the Ethical Travel List. Long considered an eco-friendly destination, certain factors went in to having Costa Rica removed from this list. Like any ‘Top List’, criteria and judgement can be subjective.

As a Resort, Property or Activity, you are certainly affected by your Destination’s perception. However, you need to continue doing what you do best.  Yes, you can build on the success of your Destination’s marketing, but you need to have your own marketing plan in place to focus on your own product. You simply can not depend on the Destination to do all of your marketing for you.  There is simply too much competition, waiting to take away your business.

Yes, it does hurt when your Destination receives less than stellar reviews.  But you can offset that by promoting what you do best for your product.

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