Fiji – Crusoe’s Retreat

After a few days at Crusoe’s Retreat, I watched as a local walked up to the main Reception area, with a burlap sack. Some staff members ran down to meet him. I just had to see what was happening. The local proudly opened the bag to show off a dozen or so mud crabs that he had caught. I mentioned that they looked great, and that they would probably be delicious. Little did I know that I was in for a huge treat.

That afternoon, the chef cleaned several of the crabs, and secretly prepared for me a very special dinner. Asinate delivered it to me while I was working away in the office. What a fantastic surprise! This was a lovely meal and a great surprise. A huge Vinaka goes out to all the great team at Crusoe’s Retreat. It is always a joy to visit the resort, and I simply can’t wait for my next visit.