An Interesting Look at Arrival Statistics

There are many ways to look at Visitor Arrival Statistics.  You have to consider the number of actual Tourists versus Visiting Friends & Relatives versus Business Travelers.  Length of stay, average daily spend, and many more aspects also need to be examined.

Lets take a look at Visitor Arrivals from a different perspective – Visitors per Citizen.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization has come out with some interesting reports concerning Visitor Arrivals as compared to that country’s population.

France is the most-visited country, with 83 million arrivals.  That is a very impressive number, but when compared to their population of 65.7 million, it amounts to 1.26 arrivals per citizen. On the opposite side of the scale, Bangladesh averages 0.003 arrivals per citizen.

The most impressive country on the list has to be Vatican City, which attracts 5.5 million visitors per year, and with a population of only 800, amounts to 6,875 visitors per citizen.

Now, lets look at the islands of the South Pacific. Figures are not perfect, and are from most recently available statistics online.

Country                            Population                       Arrivals                             Arrivals per Citizen

French Polynesia              275,000                              165,000                                 0.6

Samoa                              189,000                              163,000                                 0.86

Fiji                                     875,000                              700,000                                 0.8

Cook Islands                      13,900                               121,000                                 8.71

So, the Cook Islands are greatly out-performing their South Pacific neighbors when you look at Visitor Arrivals as compared to the local population.  As an example, if the USA were to average 8.71 visitors per citizen, it would mean 2.77 billion people would have to visit the USA in one year.