November 8, 2013

English Language Website Translation Assistance

A recent study by W3Techs has found that an overwhelming 56% of all websites on the internet use English as their primary language. The next most popular language accounts for only 6% of all websites. English truly is the language of the internet.

Are you happy with your English-language website? Are you confident that you are getting your message across in clear, concise, and convincing English?

Let Creative Resort Marketing help you convert your website text into a powerful marketing tool by ensuring that the English language you are using is correct in both spelling and grammar. Most importantly, we will convert your text into a powerful and effective message that captures your unique travel product, and captivates your valuable website readers.

We have over 15 years experience writing creative and effective text for websites.

So, just how does it work?

  • You send us a link to your website.
  • We study and analyze your site to see how we can improve your English language text.
  • We send you a detailed proposal of how we can help you.
  • The finished product will include full English text for your website, in unformatted design, that your web designer can easily copy and paste into your existing website.

Yes, it is that easy.

It’s OK that English is not your primary language. It’s not OK if your website is difficult to read and understand. You have spent a lot of money investing in your website. Make sure that your English text is both clear and compelling. Creative Resort Marketing can work with you to create powerful and effective English text to ensure that you are truly getting your message across to your target market.

Contact Us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you!