Rarotonga – Feels more and more like Home!

I am so very fortunate to regularly visit one of the world’s best tropical islands – Rarotonga – in the gorgeous Cook Islands. Even after more than twenty or so visits, the landing at the Rarotonga International Airport takes my breath away. This is one of the South Pacific’s most beautiful islands. And, the beauty of the island is only overshadowed by the beauty of its residents.

I was fortunate to stay with my friends at Sunset Resort. What a great time! I loved my Poolside/Garden Studio – really large room, overlooking the pool, and the lush gardens. The short walk to the white sand beach showed me why I love this place so much – even with the resort being at almost 100% occupancy, there was NO ONE on the beach. I had it to myself. Remarkable.

During my very brief (2 1/2 days) visit to the island, I was able to visit friends at Royale Takitumu and Palm Grove. Both properties look amazing, and I was thrilled to spend some time speaking with some very happy guests.

I was also very lucky to enjoy some lovely meals while in town, including a visit to Bamboo Jacks, and The Anchorage Restaurant.

Everyone I spoke with told me I was crazy for going all the way to Rarotonga for only 2 1/2 days. But my answer to them is simple: any time I can spend on this gorgeous island is worth it. As happy as I was to land and arrive, I was just as sad departing. But I am comforted knowing that I will be back soon. Hopefully very soon. And hopefully to stay a lot longer than 2 days!