Wow Wanaka!

Boy, I’ve got it good. I live in Colorado – one of the prettiest spots in America, with an amazing lifestyle and awesome weather. Then, I get to travel to fantastic places like Wanaka New Zealand.

Wanaka is the closest place I have found to Colorado. Amazing natural beauty? Check. Great weather? Check. Tons of outdoor activities? Check. A great collection of fun locals? Check.

The amazingly friend staff at Edgewater Resort in Wanaka helped make this even more special. Great team at the Edgewater, and my large 1-bedroom apartment had uninterrupted views of Lake Wanaka and the gorgeous Mount Aspiring Park.

My very brief visit to Wanaka allowed me to further explore this amazing town, and to try my best to sit back and take it all in. The natural beauty is just indescribable. Words can not capture the beauty. And the locals are such great fun. I have really not found many people more proud of these folks of their town. I’m proud just to have visited.